10 Do’s and Don’ts To Get Through An Exam

15 April, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

10 Do’s and Don’ts To Get Through An Exam

15 April, 2015
Pay attention to Instant Impact's do's and don'ts if you really want to nail that first...

1. DO leave all your revision to the absolute last minute. Cramming the night before is definitely the way forward as you try to fit in the past year’s syllabus.

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2. DO wear fancy dress. Being in a colourful and extravagant outfit will help you and others reach your maximum concentration.

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3. DO remember to psych out all your mates just before you go in and make them all feel crap by repeating everything you know and screaming I’M GOING TO GET A FIRST.

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4. DO drink several cans of Redbull and pop three ProPlus before to ensure you’re sweating and trembling like an overheating bumble bee and you can’t hold your pen.

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5. DON’T arrive on time. The adrenaline rush caused by you freaking out to find your desk can only boost your exam results.

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6. DO try to fit in as many mascots on your desk as possible. Even if you haven’t done an ounce of revision, Mr Twinky will 100% get you through.

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7. DO leave your phone in your pocket. Disqualification is no major biggie on your entire future.

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8. DO spend the majority of your time allocation on the first question, no matter how many marks its worth.

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9. DON’T forget to wink at your neighbour after you've handed in your paper, smile menacingly and whisper ‘I copied all your multiple choice answers'.

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10. DO pour through your notes afterwards and sob over a pint. It really improves your performance and can sometimes even be known to put you up a grade.

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