10 Signs You Know You’re A Graduate And Unemployed…

9 July, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

10 Signs You Know You’re A Graduate And Unemployed…

9 July, 2014
1. There’s nothing left on Netflix for you to watch

kenneth 30 rock i love tv so much gif

2. Your parents friends ask what you’re doing with your life and you feel like punching them

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3. You thought you understood poverty as a student but realise now you weren't even close.

arrested development help me im poor gif

4. You feel like Dick Whittington every time you head into the big city to find your fortune

new york city will ferrell gif

5. Cleaning your room becomes the highlight of your day

cleaning mopping gif

6. You start imagining weird and wonderful hobbies to take up

extracurricular activities gif

7. You consider watching all the Harry Potter films back to back, completely on your own

hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry gif

8. You eat all the time

duck dynasty snack time gif

9. You become your younger siblings chauffeur

marty mcfly cant start the car gif

10. You start to really miss going lectures and writing essays.

what is happening reaction gif

And yep....

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