Graduate Jobs In… Business Development

3 June, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

Graduate Jobs In… Business Development

3 June, 2015

There's no other role that gives a graduate as enormous responsibility from day one and insight into how business functions. You will be a key part of growth, enjoy varied tasks and develop unparalleled skills....

A group of business development interns

Business Development In A Nutshell

Many people consider business development to be the same as sales, but this isn’t the case. Yes they hold similar qualities and require a similar skills set, but they are, in fact, are two very different functions.

Business development attributes to the core growth of a business. It’s broad role that’s most commonly seen in early stage and fast growth Startup companies and is much more likely to be in place when the company is selling a service, rather than a product.

Biz Dev is about developing long-term partnerships and relationships, not just racking up company revenue. You won’t be restricted to just bringing in clients, like in a sales role, but will focus on partnership development, scoping out opportunities, showcasing the business and nurturing client relationships.

What Will I Be Doing?

Well, your role could take you here there and everywhere! Imagine if I asked you to define business growth in a few short sentences. You couldn’t. So many factors come into play.

It really depends on the business and how established they are. You role could be making initial contact with other businesses and nurturing relationships. You could be focusing on the current client set and trying to encourage a tighter relationship and further collaboration. A hunt for partnerships…. Market research… PR outreach… you name it, whatever is required to make that business grow!

Expect every day to be different, to be out on your feet and to meet a host of interesting people.

Skills and Degree

Anything and everything works for a business development role.

Recommended Subjects: There are no particular subjects relevant for Business Development. As we mentioned personality is key! Employers are also likely to consider grads with a 2:2.

Candidate Profile

Now what is crucial is personality! You need an entrepreneurial flare and passion.

Things like picking up the phone or going alone to meet clients shouldn’t have you shivering in your socks. You must be a ‘go-getter’ and a ‘doer’ to be considered for this type of position.

Where Can a Career in Business Development Take Me?

Because it’s so broad, BD is a great place to start if you’re trying to break into a specific industry. The skills are transferable. FMCG is a good example of this. The industry is highly competitive, and a position in business development is a great way in.

You can also work your way up in a company in a Biz Dev. role. Many entrepreneurs and senior figures in businesses began as an entry-level business development executive. No one else understands the strategy and core product/ service better! As you understand and get to know the business you will be encouraged to advise and be a part of the management mix going forward.

Top Three Perks

RESPONSIBILITY FROM DAY 1- You can guarantee you won’t be held back in a BD role. Most businesses want you to get stuck in ASAP. After very rigorous boot camp style training you will be calling the shots and moving forward.

VARIED WORKFLOW- Remember what we said? Who knows what you’ll encounter on a day to day business. Your role is defined by the growth of the business.

REWARDING- Expect to reap the benefits that come with growth! Commission, further responsibility and promotion come easily if you perform and give it your all.


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