7 Types of Morning People You Come Across In Your Job…

19 June, 2014

7 Types of Morning People You Come Across In Your Job…

19 June, 2014
1. The Early Bird

Before you’ve even woken up the early bird will have been to the gym, been shopping, prepared their lunch, cleaned their flat, arrived to work about half an hour early AND completed their work for the day in the first hour.

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2. Lone and Silent Wolf

Preferring to bottle it all in in order to deal with the pain of being wrenched out of bed, the lone wolf won’t utter a sound until at least 11am, wearing an expression of torture as they type.

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3. "I'm Dead till I get me coffee"

This grizzly bear walks in everyday with a splitting headache, snapping and growling at everyone and everything. But after a morning coffee they miraculously transform like a beautiful butterfly, back into your friendly neighbour.

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4. Little Miss Sunshine

Unnecessarily happy and bouncy at such an unruly hour, they can’t help but get on everyone's last nerve. So full of energy and stories of their evening plans you’ll have to run away to the toilets for some peace and quiet.

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5. Manic panicker

They hit snooze about ten times and fall back to sleep, then realising they have only 3 MINUTES to catch the train. Cue wild rush and turning up to the office sweaty, blotchy and dishevelled having forgotten everything.

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6.The Hungover Vampire

Living only for the night, this one will turn up with an enormous pair of sunglasses hiding their watery, bloodshot eyes. Reeking slightly of rum, there’s a good chance they’ll be in the same clothes as the night before.

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7. Forever The Student

Subtly trying to sleep by hiding behind their hand or taking five minute power naps in the stationery cupboard- this person just cannot face the fact that they can no longer just stay in bed and skip their 9am!

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