8 Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Day At A New Job

28 July, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

8 Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Day At A New Job

28 July, 2014
1.Pretend you understand something when you've actually got no clue what they’re talking about.

ross joey and chandler nod of approval gif

2. Ordering pasta at lunch. Unless you feel a giant tomato stain might improve your shirt.

leonardo dicaprio oh my god reaction gif

3. Doing anything related to your personal life. Your computer will probably freeze on Facebook when your boss is standing directly behind you. Good.

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4. Forgetting to put your mobile phone on silent and having your embarrassing ring tone sound around the whole office.

patrick stewart reaction gif

5. Flirting with colleagues. Don’t.

lindsay lohan regina george gif

6. Forgetting to check the dress code and turning up in a suit on casual Friday.

what are you wearing reaction gif

7. Drinking too much coffee and spending the rest of the day hiding the fact you feel as high as a kite.

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8. Having one too many after work drinks.

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