9 Things That Have A Different Definition When You’re A Student

27 June, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

9 Things That Have A Different Definition When You’re A Student

27 June, 2014

smart kitty escape gif

Used to mean: A place to read and check out books.

Now means: A hovel and psychological prison you are only able to escape from on the day of your very last final.


lilo & stitch lay on the floor gif

Used to Mean: The standard time one begins their working day.

Now means: The devils hour.


nipissing university university gif

Used to mean: An elegant and sophisticated affair where you cook an extravagant meal and enjoy the company of good friends.

Now means: An escalating brawl involving drinking games, fancy dress, food fights and removal of clothing.


homer simpson the simpsons gif

Used to mean: A basin for cleaning the dishes to produce a sparkling and tidy kitchen.

Now means:  A dumping ground for the accumulation of used crockery and mould. Liable to flooding due to drainage blockages caused by half eaten food.


this is how i am lol saturday night live gif

Used to mean: A difficult financial period where monetary funds are lower than necessary.

Now means: A permanent state of being.


harry potter high five epic high five gif

Used to mean: An activity of camaraderie, competition and exercise.

Now means: An activity of camaraderie, competition and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.


cat drinking water cat drinking gif

Used to mean: Movement towards a lower place or position.

Now means: Drinking a beverage as fast as you can until you’re reduced to a belching, dribbling mess.


itsokaytolovecats fat girl probz gif

Used to mean: The main meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening.

Now means: Whatever you can find in the fridge or in the reduced aisle at the Co-op.


regina george cheese fries gif

Used to mean: The perfect balance of eating well, doing exercise and having positive mental wellbeing.

Now means: Not getting a kebab after a night out.


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