9 Times Being A 90’s Kid Became Tragic

18 May, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

9 Times Being A 90’s Kid Became Tragic

18 May, 2015
Students and graduates alike will sympathize with these 9 terrible problems...

1) Every time you tuck into a new cereal box you hope and pray with all your might there’ll be a toy lurking inside.

i needed to do this but it didnt fit in to the previous set so it shall get its own post gif

2) When the Macarena comes on at a family party you’re now part of a shady minority who actually know the moves.

dale a tu cuerpo austin powers gif

3) You’re still immensely proud of your shiny Pokémon cards and hang on to the belief that one day they will be worth millions.

the grinch that stole christmas gif

4) You’re still not terrified by the concept of a Furby.

5) There are kids out there who have never seen and will never know about Blockbuster.

Blockbuster RIP

6) When you realise the NOW That’s What I Call Music albums have hit number 90 and you remember back to when you bought one in the low 40s.

macaulay culkin i'm so old gif

7) You can probably still play the theme tune to Rugrats on the piano.

logan echolls jason dohring gif

8) You remember when Billie Piper was a trendy pop star.

the winchester boys yourreactiongifs gif

9) The guy who played Zach Morris in Saved By The Bell is now 41.

my reaction to everything gif


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