Procrastinate With Procrastination: 10 Top Activities To Avoid Working

14 April, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

Procrastinate With Procrastination: 10 Top Activities To Avoid Working

14 April, 2014
For university students Easter break announces the season of dissertation trauma and exam revision panic. Here at Instant Impact, the graduate recruitment agency, we compiled a list of the most common forms for you to procrastinate. Do these sound familiar?

1)      Lists, lists, lists

trying to give me homework on the weekend gif

List what to do. List when to do it. List your dinner for the week. List your nights out. Then list your lists. Just list. The more coloured pens used in this process, the better.

2)      Buzzfeed Fever

you changed my life you are beautiful gif

There is so much room for activities via Buzzfeed and other dazzling content sites. You can discover all you’ve ever had a burning passion to see or know. What Italian pasta dish are you? Don’t overlook the 36 Painfully Adorable Pictures of Puppies at Bath Time.

3)      YouTube Marathon

kittens playing piano persian kittens gif

‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ and the Keyboard Cat will never grow old. If you’re looking for an emotional slant then Susan Boyles audition video is a timeless classic. Share videos for social interaction. Bonus!

4)      Snacking

eating animated GIF

If there’s food in your mouth, you will work harder and clock watching becomes a thing of the past. Fact. But the real procrastination comes when it runs out. Don’t have a coronary. Order a take away direct to your study room or simply stroll and take time picking your next culinary delight.

 5)      Library Safari

the breakfast club friends forever gif

Friend time! Can’t get round the big five in your scheduled break? Order a meet round a nearby watering hole to avoid being growled at by those with the gift of concentration.

6)      The Social Media Offensive 

finding nemo fish killer finding nemo dola gif

It will always be legitimate dedicating significant time to stalk the hell out of one lucky individual. Whether it’s strategising how to get around their privacy settings or scrolling judgmentally through their cover photos, the satisfaction is undeniable. A glance over the shoulder is recommended from time to time in public domains.

7)      The Box set extravaganza

tv is everything post of the day gif

Get stuck in but do proceed with caution. If you want to pass any exams there’s a time and place for a Friends re-run.

8)      Napping

winnie the pooh i'm so tired gif

Please note the definition: sleep lightly and briefly, especially during the day. Grasp that and you’ll make it through.

9)      The Gym Mini Break

transformation thinspiration gif

Go pump some iron, pound the treadmill and release your energy. Just be careful you don’t hand in your dissertation looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

10)   Cleaning

cleaning mopping gif

Things are bad. But not just because you've reached the end of this list. Seriously what are you doing? Take off the marigolds and pull yourself together. Go back to the library.


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