The Great British Summer: Expectation vs Reality

16 June, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

The Great British Summer: Expectation vs Reality

16 June, 2014
Exams are over. The summer's here for students and 'tis the season for graduates to party! But every year when we're told it's going to be 'the hottest summer on record' we can't help but get a teensy bit excited and dream up extravagant plans....

 The Sun’s Finally Out!

Expectation: You’ll lie, looking hot in your swimwear and gradually build a light golden tan.

real housewives of beverly hills gif

Reality: Your milk bottle skin burns to a nasty, blotchy crisp because you overestimated the power of the rare British rays.

sunburn me gif

You Decide To Hit The Beach…

Expectation: Eating ice creams, frolicking and relaxing on the deserted sand as the sea gently laps over your feet.

girls at the beach girls jumping gif

Reality: Having to turn around and go home because you can’t find any space to put your towel down.

supernatural confused gif

It’s Festival Time!

Expectation: Dancing and raving with a chilled cider and no cares in the world until the sun goes down.

hangout festival 2013 hangout festival gif

Reality:  Spending the entire time rebuilding your sodden tent and trying not to drown in the mud pools.

gif binge animation gif

When Organising A Barbecue…

Expectation: Your friends coming together and meeting new people over a sophisticated meat feast in the sunshine.

heres to you fireworks gif

Reality: Standing on your own in the pouring rain flipping soggy sausages and realising you’re going to be eating burgers for the next fortnight.

ineedthisforreactions sad man in the rain gif

Planning A Mini Break Over Bank Holiday…

Expectation: Renting a gorgeous cottage in Cornwall or Norfolk and gallivanting off on country walks.

flower field best friends gif

Reality: Sitting in traffic for 18 hours because everybody else had the same idea.

office space samir frustrated with traffi gif

During The Whole Summer...

Expectation: Get up early on every nice day to make the most of the weather.

miranda cosgrove happy happy pharrel williams gif

Reality: Sleeping in and missing all the sun.

drunk texting drunk dialing gif

Well we wouldn't be British if we didn't complain about the weather...


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