25 November, 2015
Sarah Lewis

The Analyst role is the entry grade level to our client’s Advisory team. It covers your first 2 years in the business and the goal during this time is to build a good foundation of skills and knowledge to propel your career. You will be responsible for delivering first-class advisory services and maintaining strong client relationships as part of this team.

  • Attending meetings and following up with internal actions
  • Creating client deliverables (reports, surveys etc.) under supervision from other team members with meticulous attention to detail
  • Organising and managing your own workload to meet deadlines
  • Contributing to internal discussions  on approach, project planning, completing the case start-up and close-down process
  • Performing research and analysis tasks
  • Quality assurance of deliverables and client communications
  • Planning client workshops, meetings, calls and co-ordinating with the client where needed
  • Living and breathing the company values and becoming a valued member of the Advisory team
Training & Progression
Our client has ambitious growth plans, providing a dynamic environment in which Analysts are constantly given new opportunities for further their career development. These early years are heavy on training and development (both structured and on-the-job).

Your induction and first year of structured training will cover company methodologies, interpretation of financial accounts, Corporate Governance Code, Pyramid Principles of structuring thought/writing and a number of other key modules.

Our client expects all their Analysts to be promoted to Consultant at the end of year 2, or sooner, depending on the outcome of 6-monthly formal performance reviews.

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