Music Producer

28 August, 2015
Josh Harvey
Music Producer

Our client is looking for producers who can help their platform generate outstanding music. You should be a lover of software synths, samplers and digital effects, and be an unadulterated audiophile at heart. You should love making sounds of the highest quality and putting together kick-ass musical arrangements across multiple genres.

  • Sourcing, creating and developing sounds for our client's music using VST synthesizers
  • Emulating real instruments using a combination of software samplers and VST instruments
  • Applying a range of digital effects and production techniques such that their platform can deliver increasingly richer, more polished pieces of music
  • Formulating new genres and advising on relevant instrumentation and production features
Training & Progression
Our client is growing quick. In the next eighteen months the team will expand from 7 to 17, and they are looking for candidates who can work autonomously with the drive to have a direct impact upon the growth of a disruptive business.
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