Sales and Marketing Manager

28 August, 2015
Josh Harvey
Sales and Marketing Manager

Our client is looking for a sales and marketing manager to take charge of driving usage of their music creation tool. This is a unique opportunity to help bring a revolutionary technology to market, and to make a significant impact on a venture-funded start-up.

  • Direct engagement with existing and prospective users to drive usage and create and close new business opportunities. This will include in-person meetings, event attendance, social media management and forum engagement
  • Indirect engagement with existing and prospective users to drive usage and strengthen our client's profile. This will include community management, PR and blog writing
  • Maintaining an excellent understanding of current users and prospective users, to ensure that their needs are met and that their custom is retained and grown
  • Implementation of scalable (and, where applicable, automated) sales and marketing processes
Training & Progression
Our client is growing quick. In the next eighteen months the team will expand from 7 to 17, and they are looking for candidates who can work autonomously with the drive to have a direct impact upon the growth of a disruptive business.
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