Sustainability Analyst

1 September, 2016
Sarah Lewis
Sustainability Analyst

Our client is looking for a full time analyst to support its consultants on a wide range of sustainability themes, including:

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Environmental regulations
  • Health & wellness
  • Business and human rights
  • Property and development
The role will be varied, but core responsibilities will include:
  • Research support – pulling information from desk-based research, corporate reports, government reports etc. and summarising for clients and/or consultants.
  • Business development support
  • Preparing for and attending client meetings
  • Writing proposals.
Training & Progression
Throughout your employment, you will receive all the necessary on-the-job training and professional development required to become a successful Sustainability Analyst within a dynamic environment. You will also be provided with an external professional training budget to equip yourself for long-term success in the industry.

This role offers exposure to Director-level professionals, government officials and other high-profile individuals, rarely provided to those so early in their career.

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