You Know You Live In London When…

18 April, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

You Know You Live In London When…

18 April, 2014
At Instant Impact, the graduate recruitment agency, many of the internships and roles we place are in London. If you live in the capital, or have moved recently after graduation, we wonder if you can tick all these boxes and can call this great city home?


You Know You've Become A Londoner When...

1. You completely lose your temper if you just missed a tube. Even though the next one will be along in approximately 2 minutes.

2. You have to genuinely make an effort to refrain from screaming at the tourists that are blocking your path.

robert sheehan killing bono gif

3. It’s no longer a surprise when 12 out of 13 tube lines are ‘part closed’.

wastefulwednesday reckless spending gif

4. You’re no longer phased handing over £8 for a gin and tonic.

5. You almost faint because a stranger has initiated polite, friendly conversation.

6. You opt to stay inside and hide forever during school holidays to avoid the mass congregations of screaming children.

7. You happily slag off The Shard or The Gherkin but get unreasonably defensive if you hear a tourist do the same.

yourreactiongifs mycroft holmes gif

8. Walking across a bridge on the Thames and looking at the views makes you embarrassingly emotional and lucky that you get to live in such a great city.


If you want to get down in London town check out our website and apply to our awesome vacancies, internships and graduate jobs. Instant Impact connect entrepreneurial and aspirational graduates with small and medium sized businesses. Or find us across social media!

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