10 Pet Hates You WILL Develop When You Move To London

13 November, 2014

10 Pet Hates You WILL Develop When You Move To London

13 November, 2014
1)      If this wasn't already hot on your list of reasons for hating humanity then people who are incapable of walking anywhere with purpose will become the source of daily anguish. London pace is fast, get with it.

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2)      Oxford Circus at Christmas time/all the time… If you want an enjoyable Christmas shopping experience think again, you will spend the majority of your time on Oxford Street attempting to negotiate the assault course of endless Primark bags, made only worse when it rains and thousands of umbrellas are thrown into the mix.

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3)      The Tube during rush hour.  You have not properly experienced what it is like to have your personal space well and truly violated until you have tried getting anywhere during the morning rush.   You will reach the point where pushing people out of the way to get on and off of a tube could be considered polite.

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4)      Tourists. Anywhere, everywhere, someone ban them.

5)      Tourists/other humans with no spatial awareness.  When you’re walking with purpose and some absent minded moron strolls into your path and you quickly have to change walking lanes, I just cannot…

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6)      Londoners who forget that other parts of London and indeed the rest of the country exist.  I hate to break it to you but Shoreditch is not the centre of the earth.

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7)      Central London drink prices.  £9 for a glass of wine? A sick, sad joke.

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8)      Oyster card un-readiness.   If you don’t have the common sense to take your oyster card out before you get to the reader you probably shouldn't be allowed out in public.

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9)      The Central Line - prepare to sweat, a lot.

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10)   Having to take 2 buses, a tube and the overground to get to your friend’s house on the other side of London, they might as well live in Manchester.


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