10 Things I Hate About Interview

21 January, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

10 Things I Hate About Interview

21 January, 2015
At Instant Impact we really do understand the aggravating pain of the never ending rolling of interview after interview. Here are our combined top 10 and what to do in these nuisances of a situation.

1. Inappropriate Sweats

While an interview is the perfect time for the employer to get to know you, it’s never the ideal situation to leave them with a deposit of your body fluid after the handshake.

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If you’re prone to being a bit of a sweaty Betty then prepare by taking your jacket off as soon as you enter the building. Carry a handkerchief for the occasional dib dab and you’ll be back to Iceman in no time at all.

2. Awkward Silences

Just wow.

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Whatever happens just repress the urge to fill it with some horrific inappropriate rabble about your mate’s guinea pig. The interviewer could be testing you so keep your cool.

 3. Repressing the Truth

When you’re asked ‘What is your weakness’ it’s frustrating not being able to answer ‘To be honest I’m pretty damn good at everything’.

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You know the drill. Be humble and pick answers that show you in a positive light. Or to spice things up just answer the above with: Jaeger bombs.

4. Clock Watching

Sometimes the big hand just refuses to budge in a particularly tedious interview and you begin to feel like an irksome Captain Hook- tick tock!

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Do your best to avoid tracking time and letting your mind wander. If you relax you might even begin to enjoy it…

5. Uber Dodgy Questions

‘What’s your favourite fairy tale?’ ‘If you were a vegetable what would you be?’ Do you think animals have feelings?’ What. On. Earth. Is. Going. On.

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In these situations keep a level head and logically think about the answer the employer could be looking for.

6. Group Interviews

The thick false pleasantries in the air smoulder like poison as you all try to compete for the limelight like chipmunks on speed to showcase just how AWESOME you are compared to everybody else.

get the fuck out of my way gif

When in a group, you don’t want to be overtly loud or quiet. Be considerate of others opinions and strike a good balance to establish yourself as a strong team player.

7. The Sneaky Internal Hire

You get through to the last stage to be then told that they've filled the position ‘internally’. What a prolific waste of your time.

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It’s hard to not kick, scream and slam the phone down but when this happens do push the company for feedback on your application process so you can at last try to draw something positive out of it.

 8The Silent Phone

Twenty times worse than Tinder. WHEN will they contact me? Should I send them another message? Will I seem too keen?

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To begin with, treat this misery as you would the fragile stages of an early adolescent relationship. Don’t push the employer or appear hopelessly desperate. Unless stated otherwise, after around two weeks its good attempt contact and politely push for a verdict.

9. Wardrobe Woes

Unfortunately your fairy godmother won’t show up in the reception area pre interview and fix your hideous decision to wear a checked shirt to an interview at an investment bank.

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Research the company. The industry should give a good indication of the dress vibe. At a Startup, for example, it’s very likely everyone will be mooching around in jeans. But if in doubt dress up rather than down.

 10Situations that are just WAY beyond your control

The train blew up. My dog ate my CV. I fell in a puddle. Sometimes these wacky excuses turn out to be true.

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In a crisis situation keep calm and phone ahead. Give as much advanced warning as possible if you feel the interview might be disrupted for any reason.


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