10 Ways To Spice Up Library Time

5 June, 2015
Sarah Lewis

10 Ways To Spice Up Library Time

5 June, 2015
If you’re still pulling all-nighters cramming for those last few exams, you and the library are probably pretty well acquainted by now.  Obviously, the main purpose for this space is intense revising and dissertation writing, but everybody needs a break, right?

Here are some ideas for how to make library time just that little bit more fun…

1. A silent game of Hide And Seek.

pretty little liars ashley benson gif

2. Write notes to your friends, hide them in random books and then send them the Dewey decimal code to hunt down their secret message. 

finding nemo sealife gif

3. Sneak in as many contraband snacks as you can get past those eagle-eyed librarians.

the colbert report stephen colbert gif

4. Leave cheerful notes on the desks of people off looking for books. Who knows, you may start a happy post revolution. Plus, watching their reactions will be reward enough...

late night with jimmy fallon gif

5. Listen to our Ultimate Noughties Playlist on repeat. 

dont worry be happy listening to music gif

6. If you’re sat with friends, create a Library Drinking Game (water only, naturally…). Drink every time someone walks past wearing rugby stash, falls asleep at their desk etc etc. You know the drill.  

slippery slope drinking game gif

7. Go outside and do a lap of the library building. Fresh air, exercise, useful procrastination… what more could you want? For extra fun, time yourself each time and beat your high score!

owl running away i gotta go gif

8. Trawl the library database for the book with the funniest title you can find. Now go retrieve the book and take a snap = Social. Media. Gold.

library boss gif

9. Make a Bucket List of all the awesome things you’ll do once you can escape this goddamn library on bucketlist.org.

agnes gru i'm so happy despicable me gif

10. You should probably do some actual work now…

library card cartoon gif


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