15 Reasons Why Leaving Uni Isn’t So Bad

29 May, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

15 Reasons Why Leaving Uni Isn’t So Bad

29 May, 2015
You no longer have to eat pasta for Every. Single. Meal.

this is unbelieveable 10 minutes à perdre gif

Sainsburys Basic Vodka and Echo Falls will become a distant memory…

please come bakc missing someone gif

You're no longer living amoung 20,000 of the same person.

u kno who im talking about gif

You won’t have to spend several hours looking for the kitchen sink.

whatshouldwecallsfu university problems gif

You’ll remember Wednesday nights.

dean winchester supernatural gif

You don’t have to awkwardly bump into to any of your exes.

darcy omg i feel awkward darcy i feel awkward gif

You’ll realise that cheesy chips and gravy isn’t actually a treat.

but im a cheerleader natasha lyonne gif

Your liver will finally get a chance to regenerate.

first week of paleo getting healthy gif

You don’t have to have a seven point plan to try and stay awake during lectures.

sleepy sloth yawning reaction gif

You might actually play sport to keep fit, not to drink ridiculous amounts of snakebite.

i'm not drunk geordie shore gif

You can finally stop pretending to be so hard done by and admit that you pretty much coasted your way to a 2:1.

university problems college problems gif

You can befriend your neighbours and not be met with intense hostility.

benedict cumberbatch yourreactiongifs gif

You won’t have to deal with a hangover every day.

reality tv below deck gif


Ahhh who are we kidding? University is AWESOME. Make the most of it! Life won't be the same.

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