2016’s Hottest Start-Up Sectors

8 February, 2016

2016’s Hottest Start-Up Sectors

8 February, 2016
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We come across new Start-ups on a daily basis here at Instant Impact HQ and are always intrigued to spot a pattern in the types of company that start cropping up. We’ve done some research and have noticed some real Start-up trends for 2016.

Take a look through the below categories and see if anything takes your fancy. If so, be sure to apply for our Summer Internship Programme and you could find yourself in the heart of the action sooner than you might have thought!

1. Food Tech

The technology boom has had a huge impact on the food industry recently & that trend is certainly not going to slow down throughout 2016. From digitalising restaurant businesses to companies aiming to recreate steaks from entirely plant-based molecules, there’s a lot of space for innovation.

We’re sure you’re already familiar with the many awesome online food delivery platforms which have boomed in popularity over recent years and this area is set to grow even further in 2016. Another emerging area is food analytics, with companies developing smart kitchen appliances, such as devices that help consumers keep track of what’s in their fridge! Global investment in food tech companies reached $5.74 billion across 275 venture capital deals in 2015 - Food is definitely big business right now!

If you’re an avid foodie yourself and get excited by using technology to improve people’s day-to-day lives, one of these companies could be for you.

2. Two-sided marketplaces

Start-ups offering two-sided marketplaces and operating in the sharing economy now command over 10% of all seed investments, buoyed by the massive successes of Uber and Airbnb. Uber is the largest taxi company in the world by market capital, but doesn’t own any taxis and Airbnb is the largest hotelier in the world but owns no real estate.

Born from the ashes of the financial crisis in 2009 and the widespread mistrust of established banking channels, alternative finance platforms have become much bigger than anyone could have imagined. Rapid-growth companies such as these make for incredible places to work; where the landscape is always changing and there’s always a new challenge to conquer.

3. FinTech

Passionate about finance but don’t want to waste your creative juices in the midst of a global investment bank? Feel like there is a massive need for innovation in today’s economic system? From digital currencies like Bitcoin to crowdfunding platforms, to alternative marketplaces and intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, this is the field for you!

There are a number of awesome Start-ups disrupting the financial world right now. We’ve already seen credit cards starting to be usurped by online ‘wallets’ and there’s so much more innovation to come!

FinTech is a great option for graduates who have an analytical mind and love working with data but don't want to give up the Start-Up culture! If you'd like to find out more, have a read of our FinTech Sector Spotlight.

4. Security

Estimated to be a $1 billion market in the U.S., the security industry includes businesses that develop software to detect and protect against fraudulent payments. The fraud detection software sector is in the growth stage of its life cycle and is expected to see rising demand from SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises). As more industries adopt mobile-based payment and commerce systems, new opportunities for criminals will drive more demand for fraud detection software.


So there we have, 4 of the hottest Start-up sectors for 2016. Do any of them tickle your fancy? If not, don’t worry -The world of Start-ups is enormous! There are so many amazing small companies out there, so whether you’re into yoga, charity, education, food or sports, Instant Impact are BOUND to have a company you’d love!

Article by Teodora Gheorghiu


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