5 Signs That Autumn Has Arrived And You’re A Graduate In A Post University Crisis

29 September, 2014

5 Signs That Autumn Has Arrived And You’re A Graduate In A Post University Crisis

29 September, 2014
When a family friend at a party asks what you’re doing with your life and you realise that the response ‘I’m studying’ is now a massive lie…

To be fair, the annoying family friend raises a good question, what are you going to do? But this should not be as intimidating as it sounds. Graduating from university and stepping into that once mythical real world, might, at first glance seem terrifying.  However a better way of looking at it would be to see it as a series of opportunities for you to navigate.  Take a step back and have a think about what you want to be and where you want to go.  What sort of industry do you want to work in?  What sort of working environment suits you best?  Once you begin to explore and narrow down these questions you put yourself in the driving seat of your future, and that ‘ocean of possibilities’ that university has thrown you into begins to look a lot more manageable.

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When you apply for a job and are told you are either over qualified or under qualified… Are they for real?!?

A frustration like no other, but one which you need not experience by signing up to a graduate recruitment agency like Instant Impact! Once you've begun to explore the type of industry and role you would like to be in, why not bring in reinforcements to help with the job hunting battle?  Signing up to one gains you access to hundreds of opportunities for graduates across the industry board, and reams of advice and support.

When the sight of your University’s fresher event on Facebook makes your eyes water.

Stop that right now! Finishing University does not mean entering a fun free void! Rather the contrary, I can promise you that the fun will carry on but first you need to catch that graduate opportunity. Companies place a high value on the work life balance of their employees, and office social life is at the heart of this.  If you will, view starting your graduate job or internship like joining a new society, you will meet new people, undertake new challenges and have the best of times along the way.  So get motivated and get job hunting.  Making sure you know the type of company and environment you work in is essential; you probably didn't join the University rowing team if you hate exercise, in the same way you need to focus on roles which you will enjoy and will bring out your strengths.

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When you wake up on a Monday morning and realise you have nothing to do…all week…

No, you have plenty to be doing in order to secure that job or internship. A great place to start is by making sure your CV is fit and ready for action.  You will need to adapt it depending on the role you apply for but having a solid base CV which you can then build on will save you a lot of time and make you look more professional.  You can find a goldmine of CV and cover letter advice on the Instant Impact blog, another reason you should probably sign up if you haven’t done already…

When THAT person brags all over social media about how much they love their new job…

Keep calm and carry on… cringe worthy but true. Resilience and determination are the corner stones to success so stay focused and you could be in their position faster than you think.  If you consider people you admire or regard as successful you can guarantee that they did not land themselves in that position overnight.  Behind that glistening aura of success is a whole lot of blood sweat and tears.  By joining an agency like Instant Impact, we can do a little bit of the sweating for you by finding opportunities, one of which could be that coveted dream first job.

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