8 Things To Do Before You Graduate

28 May, 2014

8 Things To Do Before You Graduate

28 May, 2014
IT'S THE END OF EXAMS! And for all you third years out there, almost the end of your university career. Instant Impact, the graduate recruitment agency have compiled a fun filled list of things to do before you slap on the robes, mortar board and join the real world.


1. Make a bucket list. Stick everything and anything you've ever wanted to do whilst at university and just do it. No holding back.

2. Go back and visit your halls- Travel back in time to where it all began. Time to get nostalgic! If there’s an available communal area take a few drinks and let the emotion set in.

i have never seen a truer gif

3. Spend all day in your pyjamas. Get up at 3 in the afternoon. Order a takeaway. Go to the shop for snacks. It may be the last time for you to get away with it and not be deemed a slob.

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4. Have a movie marathon. Be it The Lord of the Rings extended edition or all 8 Harry Potters. Invite your friends, start early, stock up on snacks and leave a window open to avoid the festering build-up of body odor.

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5. Take part in an eating challenge. There’s probably one around, or a place that serves particularly large pizzas. Get a group along to place bets and support your progress.

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6. Make full use of your student card. Exploit the hell out of it, you’ll miss it when the dreaded expiry date becomes a memory of the past. Get to YoSushi and Nandos and stuff your face with that 20% more.

julia louis-dreyfus eating a hotdog at golden globes gif

7. Have a huge fancy dress night out just one last time.

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8. Don’t Panic! There’s still life after Uni. You’re only in your twenties, there’s much more fun to come.

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If you ever fancy a break from too much fun this summer, or want to get your head screwed on about career opportunities then sign up to our service today! Instant Impact find top notch graduates paid internships and jobs in SME's (that's Small to Medium Enterprises.) Check us out across social media and we hope to hear from you.

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