9 Times You Realise You’ve Started Leaving Your University Years Behind You…

12 August, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

9 Times You Realise You’ve Started Leaving Your University Years Behind You…

12 August, 2014
1.People at work are looking at you very strangely because you’re eating baked beans straight out of the tin. Cold.

james franco eating so good gif

2. You can no longer blame your disgustingly messy room or laziness on the fact that you’re a ‘student’. Nah ah. You’re now just a slob.

jim gaffigan laziness gif

3. You have to check for wrinkles as you suddenly realise that all the babies who were in year 8 during your final year of school are now freshers.

stephen colbert colbert gif

4. You find yourself pretending to be flattered when you’re asked for ID in a bar.

happy endings flattered gif

5. Your hangovers are suddenly unbelievable and trying to get rid of them is like finding water in the desert.

real housewives of new jersey gif

6. Spending your money in the first week of getting it suddenly seems really stupid, as you’re now the only broke one eating tinned curry.

black and white lucielle ball gif

7. You completely sympathise with Cady from Mean Girls when you show up to a birthday party in neon fancy dress and everyone else is in a suit.

cady heron mean girls gif

8. You find yourself craving cups of tea, not pints.

benedict cumberbatch a cup of tea dear gif

9. When you see a student discount being offered you have an internal meltdown of sorrow and grief for your expired card. 

arrested development help me im poor gif


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