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Kimberely Walker: Volunteering to boost your CV and employment prospects

Feb 21 2014

We spoke to Kimberely Walker, a top journalism graduate, about her experience of the graduate labour market, and how volunteering to try your hand at different skills and experiences can boost your CV and make you more appealing to employers looking to hire graduates.

Guest Blogger Molly Johnson Jones on how to impress at interviews…

Nov 18 2013

Instant Impact, the graduate recruitment agency, spoke to guest blogger and our very own Oxford brand ambassador Molly Johnson Jones about the grueling interview process and how to impress.

Guest Blogger Molly Bishop: ‘THINK SME! Why not set up your own?!’

Nov 08 2013

Instant Impact, the graduate recruitment agency, spoke to their very own Bristol Brand Ambassador, Molly Bishop, about why students and graduates looking for paid internships and graduate jobs should look to SMEs who hire graduates and recruit interns for alternative post-university career paths. Or better yet, why not set up your own company? Read on:

Instant Impact ‘winyoursponsorship’ competition in the tab

Nov 01 2013

Instant Impact, the intern recruitment agency, have been featured in the Bristol and Cambridge Tab for their ‘winyoursponsorship’ competition, where university societies have entered to win up to £1,5o0 sponsorship. The competition has been well fought with over 150 entries and we have been overwhelmed with the quality of the entries.