The Instant Impact diversity hub will be looking at how to do that tackling issues from positive action and the Rooney Rule to how to influence internally. We aim to provide actionable insight for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Following the Black Lives Matter protests in June 2020, Instant Impact decided to share our knowledge on how businesses can work to become more diverse and inclusive. These modules and methodologies form a core part of all of our Talent Partnerships and we’re providing them here for free for anyone to access.

Inside the hub, we have modules on all elements of how to build and implement a diversity-centric recruitment process.

  • Building the foundations for diversity
  • Attracting diverse candidates
  • Removing bias from the assessment process

You’ll also find talks from HR Directors and business leaders who are already leading the way, as well as templates and toolkits, and a regularly updated resource centre.

We hope you find it useful.


Webinar: Driving Diversity through Recruitment

On 2nd July, we were joined by Colleen Amos OBE, Kwaku Nortey, Khyati Sundaram, and Louise Maycock. Watch this webinar if you want to improve diversity within your organisation.

Hosted by Felix Mitchell, Founding Director

Webinar: Changing perspectives on diverse talent

Watch our webinar from 25th August when we outlined the benefits of having a diverse workforce and challenged some of the accepted attitudes that our society has about talent and leadership.

Hosted by Felix Mitchell, Founding Director 

Webinar: Improving Inclusion in the Workplace

On 4th August we were joined by Frank Douglas and Celia Fraser to discuss what steps need to be taken to successfully build an inclusive workplace and culture.

Hosted by Rob Blythe, Founding Director

Introduction to Diversity Hub and Methodology

Instant Impact are internal recruitment experts and we implement a 3-part methodology to drive diversity for all of our clients.

Hosted by Felix Mitchell, Founding Director

Step 1, Influencing Internally

To build a diverse company you first need to ensure that everyone is bought in. This video will focus on how to influence internally which is the first step in our methodology.

Presented by Sophie Walsh, Senior Talent Partner

Step 2, Attracting diverse candidates

This video will focus on the second step in our methodology, how to attract a diverse pool of candidates. It outlines the six different ways you can attract diverse talent.

Presented by Eleni Pavlovic, Talent Partner

Step 3, Removing Bias

This video will focus on the third step in our methodology, how to remove bias from your assessment process.

Presented by Rob Blythe, Founding Director

Louise Maycock, Ipsos MORI

Louise Maycock shares her perspectives on Diversity centric recruitment, the journey that Ipsos MORI has been on to date and the further changes that are coming next.

Louise Maycock, Head of Talent at Ipsos MORI

Kwaku Nortey, shares his personal candidate experience

An excerpt from the Driving Diversity webinar that we hosted on 2nd July. In this Q&A Kwaku speaks about his experience of what it's like being black in a large corporate.

Kwaku Nortey, Founder of Prime Planit


If you have any further questions about diversity or how Instant Impact can help you achieve your goals, please get in contact.