Embrace Your Mistakes: A 3 Step Guide

6 December, 2016
Jasmine Sherman

Embrace Your Mistakes: A 3 Step Guide

6 December, 2016
Like a picture that speaks a thousand words, one mistake can teach you a thousand things. We’ve all heard that when we ‘fail’, we haven’t failed at doing that task, we’ve just found one way not to do it. How many of us actually believe this though? When you receive that rejection email, when that grade is not quite what you had in mind and when you feel that success is far away, the feeling of failure can be overwhelming.

Nevertheless, failure is an important part of success and, as harsh as it seems, we wouldn’t learn nearly as much without it. So whether you’re applying for jobs or struggling through the winter term, here’s some steps which will turn mistakes into long-lasting improvements!

Step 1: Identify

Sometimes our mistakes become our blinkers. This is when they hold us back instead of pushing us forward. Solutions are found when we look at a problem from different perspective, not just by fixating on the problem itself. It’s important to reflect daily and identify certain aspects that are holding you back.

Breathe in and take a step back from what you’re doing. What does it look like from the outside? Look at the situation from the point of view of the person who is on the receiving end. What are they expecting from you and what are they looking to see? Write some points down, ask for the opinions of others and stay open minded – you can always be a bit more selective with their comments later when you have had more of a chance to think about things!

Step 2: Act

This is the exciting part! You can’t reflect forever so move on to creating a ‘Plan of Action.’ For every aspect you’ve identified, add an action that would make it better.

Disorganised? Try apps like Habitica which turn daily chores into a rewarding game or Toggl for tracking the time it takes you to complete a certain task. Or you could always try good old-fashioned sticky notes. Keep saying the word “like” in interview situations? Get a friend to nudge you every time you say it. Personalise the action to you, for example, if you work well with Attenborough’s Planet Earth soundtrack, then grab those headphones! Start some good habits and set up an ordered process of actions that will become automatic in no time.

Step 3: Improve

This may sound like the hardest part but actually once you have point one and two, number three is pretty much in the bag! Lots of us just wish that we could improve, hoping that all our wishing will work, but without reflection, action and little help from your friends, mistakes will remain just that.

We can’t promise that your Plans of Action will have an instant impact, but you should see the results pretty quickly. The most important thing is to just not be put off when it comes to rejection or mistakes, both are inevitable, whether you’re a student, job seeker or in your first job and they make for great opportunities to learn and progress.

Written by Melanie Webb, Resourcer at Instant Impact

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