Recruiting graduates introduces your business to new perspectives and innovation.

From start-ups and small enterprises to larger, more established firms, the employers Instant Impact work with have all reaped the benefits of hiring graduates. Over 60,000 of the UK’s best students have signed up with us, all of whom are leaving universities more prepared for the working world than the generations before them.

The question, really, is not ‘why hire graduates’, but why would you not want to hire graduates? We work tirelessly to find you applicants with the right drive, energy and skills. There are many reasons why opening up positions for graduates could be one of the best business decisions you make.

Graduates value other workplace benefits above their salary

At Instant Impact, we’ve been aware of a gradual shift in the priorities of new recruits for some years. Graduates are looking for roles that give them the scope to make a difference with an employer who can offer new experiences, a positive office culture, and the chance to learn and develop.

As a fast-growing SME, you are able to offer all of the opportunities and perks needed to hire great graduates and attract student recruits. The jobs that you're able to offer often rely on individuals mastering a wide range of new skills, and quickly growing to take on new responsibilities that will see them rise into more advanced team roles.

Graduates in the workplace are adaptable, motivated and inexpensive; hiring recent graduates is the perfect recruitment solution.

Students are the masters of self-learning

After three or more years of studying hard, graduate employees are still in a learning state of mind. From the first day, they are ready to work hard to pick up the skills necessary to master their new working environment.

This is the perfect mindset for a new employee. Free from the bad working habits often instilled by previous employers, graduates also have fewer preconceptions about working life and can swiftly adapt to new ways of working.

Access fresh ways of thinking and new ideas informed by digital technology

One of the benefits of hiring graduate employees is their ability to look at your SME from a completely fresh perspective. Hiring recent graduates with questions, challenges and ideas can have a revolutionary impact.

The current generation of graduates is particularly useful in this respect, as the vast majority are digital natives who have grown up using social media and modern technology. If your business is looking to improve its online presence or appeal more to a millennial target audience, this new perspective could be incredibly useful.

Graduates are suited to start-ups and SMEs

Graduate employees and small to medium sized businesses are the perfect match;
Growing businesses require similar levels of drive and ambition from staff; hiring graduates can give you this in abundance.

While your business proves itself against more established competitors, recent students are out to make their mark on the “real world” of employment, meaning they will work hard to achieve as much as they can for themselves, and for your company.

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