Hiring interns is a cost effective way to progress your business.

At Instant Impact, we know that once your business starts to expand, finding the time and people to juggle the growing number of tasks and responsibilities is hard. You need to build and manage your business, whilst actively trying to attract new recruits who are going to add benefit to your venture.

If you're a fast-growing company looking to scale up your workforce, internships could be a brilliant way to introduce new ways of thinking and spark innovative ideas. Hiring an intern could be a great step for your business.

Student and graduate interns offer a new perspective

One of the greatest advantages of hiring interns is to reintroduce the curiosity and ability to ask questions which can help develop smarter, more effective ways of working. This open, creative company culture can be hugely important in driving businesses and industries forward.

A trial period for new talent

Another of the key benefits of hiring an intern is that you're able to test-drive student and graduate talent to evaluate their potential as a permanent employee.

Opening up a position for an intern is a low cost, low risk way of assessing a new employee's capabilities before deciding whether or not to take them on. More often than not, both parties benefit hugely from the experience.

When you teach, you learn

When seeking internships, learning is a key draw for students and graduates. You’ll find interns, with hopes of developing their skills and experience, are enormously willing to hone their skills and make a vauable contribution to your business.

Meanwhile, you’ll be enhancing the workforce as a whole. Businesses can be put off hiring interns because of the potentially time intensive training. However, one of the best ways of refining and developing your own understanding of a skill or practice is by teaching. Training fast-learning student or graduate interns will enhance your team’s knowledge, communication and people skills.

Secure valuable advocates for your brand

Your business might find an intern can help spread the word about your company. If you’re an effective internship supervisor and mentor, your interns are likely to talk about their experience with peers, friends and family members.

This boost is not just good from a PR perspective, but it could build invaluable connections with universities and pools of top new talent. As your business grows under the success of an internship scheme, you may find the most sought-after talent is interested in working with you and you’ll be able to expand your team using the best new talent.

Hire student and graduate interns for the right reasons

Instant Impact do not promote internships as a means of free labour for businesses. Thinking of interns in this light means that you are missing out on the real benefits of bringing graduates and students into your work. Whilst there are still expenses-only placements out there, we have always placed our candidates in paid internships, and we always will.

Know the law regarding internship programmes. Hiring interns to work designated hours, manage set responsibilities and undertake valuable work for your company qualifies them as a 'worker', which entitles them to the national minimum wage by law.

Supporting both today's workload and tomorrow's workforce, opening up opportunities for interns an excellent way to grow and facilitate success at your business.

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