If you haven’t considered applying for internships then you may be missing a trick.

At Instant Impact, we know that graduate internships can be an invaluable way to build industry knowledge and get a hands-on working experience. That’s why we strive to continually open up a wide array of internship opportunities across London and the UK to motivated students and graduates.

Each year, there are over 1.5 million students studying undergraduate degrees in the UK. For those planning their entry into the working world, the competition for jobs often makes these first steps the most daunting.

Choosing to intern, either with a student summer internship or after graduation, will give you an opportunity to stand out from your peers. For some, it may mean avoiding the competition entirely, landing both feet squarely in the industry or company that you will begin your career with.

What kind of businesses could you access through a graduate internship?

Fast growing businesses are always on the lookout for new talent to contribute and learn about their field. By pursuing internship opportunities, both parties are opening themselves up to the best in industry innovation, access to the best people from across the country, and the chance to build successful careers.

Often, the most meaningful and rewarding intern opportunities are with start-ups, scale-ups and small businesses. According to a survey of members of the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS), the main barrier to graduates applying for such roles is that small businesses find it hard to reach graduates, and therefore their vacancies slip under student job hunting radars.

Instant Impact are here to bridge this gap, and ensure that the best in new graduate talent is matched with the best internship opportunities. Far from settling for second best, an internship provides the chance to explore the role, and assess all options before pursuing an entry-level position.

Why intern with an scale-up? Here are some of the benefits:

A truly valuable experience

Right from the get-go, you’ll be treated like part of the team. In a more intimate working environment, the work you do is critical and your efforts are acknowledged.
You’ll be encouraged to voice your ideas and opinions - some may have the chance to work on imple- menting these ideas, making a meaningful contribution to company.

As well as the hands-on experience you’ll receive in your role, graduate internships also afford you the opportunity to better understand the duties of people in different positions within the company.

Start-up internships count for a lot on a CV

Employers recognise the hard work and dedication involved in working for a small business as much as they recognise a big brand name. The variety of skills you develop during student internships, both practical and professional, will give you the edge in any competitive jobs market.

Get Networking

For many graduates, internships open up opportunities for networking with the people and companies that they value most. These connections can appreciate in value and open up more opportunities for you further along your career path.
From industry insights and advice, to graduate positions and work experience opportunities, network- ing through an active new company is an important bonus.

Decide if this is the job for you

The years either side of graduation are crucial for decision making and finding out what career is right for you. Through an internship, graduates and students can get a feel for the role and make an informed decision about whether or not they want to pursue this future career.
Whatever you decide, you will leave with confidence and experience that you didn’t have before.

It might be the one

Many companies use internships as a form of recruitment, assessing their applicants on the job with the possibility of taking them on full time. If you feel as though you’ve really discovered your niche and passion within a company, then chances are they’ve noticed it to.

Don’t rush and settle for less

It’s easy to feel impatient about entering the working world, especially when every company on campus wants you to commit to a long graduate programme. Too many graduates rashly accept the first jobs that come along, which can cause issues later on.
With your whole career ahead of you, what’s the rush? Take the time to work out what you want to do!


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