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Our graduate career advice checklist:

Draw up a foolproof action plan

Sometimes hunting for jobs is as nerve-wracking and stressful as it is tiresome. In order to keep yourself motivated and prevent silly mistakes slipping into your applications, take time to create a foolproof checklist for each application.

Our job advice to students is to begin with researching the key facts, figures and events of the industry, and finish with a carefully compiled list of interview questions. However you choose to work, your checklist should keep you hitting all the marks in every application. A preparation plan will help keep you focused, on track and maximise your chances of success.

Get out there & get spotted

Go beyond LinkedIn. To make yourself visible in the field you’re passionate about joining, you need to seek out niche industry sites, and start following social media groups that are going to give you the most valuable insights.

A profile on recruitment sites like Instant Impact will help you discover which skills, qualities and experience your target employers are after. This will be hugely important when it comes to structuring your CV and cover letter in a way which is most likely to impress.

Make sure that the image of yourself you present in an interview is reflected everywhere a potential employer might find you. The identity you express across your social media channels can play a pivotal part in your progress, many companies now use social media to vet candidates before getting in touch.

So take some time to clean up your online presence - especially if you’re planning on taking advantage of any promising networking opportunities.

Continuously refresh your cover letter & CV

If you want to soar over the first hurdle, remember to tailor your graduate CV to suit every application. Check that the skills and experiences you’re emphasising are highly relevant, that the tone of your cover letter matches theirs, and that you always address the right company!

The more time and effort you spend completing this stage of the application, the greater your chances of success later on. Reading the job description carefully and researching the hiring firm in detail will give you the knowledge and confidence to excel in interviews. Focusing on producing a small number of high quality applications is much more effective than sending off lots of vague ones.

Always be ready to try something new

If you find yourself feeling downtrodden and are struggling to find the right position, you can always change tack. Graduate and student internships are one way you can start to explore an entirely new field of work. Instant Impact will help you find the best graduate positions you’d never before considered.

Our graduate careers advice team will try to ensure that you pour your efforts into pursuing the right career path early on. For those who do venture into a new sector, it could prove a valuable experience. Whether it's confirming your disinterest in a particular role, expanding your skill set, or discovering a newfound interest.

Check out our all our graduate careers advice resources here, and get all the information you need to get hired.

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