A Day In The Life Of A Graduate

6 October, 2014

A Day In The Life Of A Graduate

6 October, 2014
The summer is over- since when was it October?! You've been back home for good couple of months and it seems time to start the treacherous job hunt...

 8.00 – I hit the snooze button on my alarm, getting up bright and early might have seemed like a clever idea the night before but let’s face it, I’m unemployed, there's no good reason to be awake at this hour.

sleepy sloth yawning reaction gif

10.30 – Probably time to get up.  Big day of job searching ahead so its eggs on eggs this morning to get my brain in gear.

11. 30- I head out to the local Starbucks, claim my base for the day and guiltily order a grande latte. Without it I will most definitely not make it to the end of the day.

11. 45 – quick check of Facebook…

12.00 – and then twitter…

12.10- … back to Facebook…

12. 15- The Independent online is productive right?

medschoolapplicant procrastination gif

12. 30 – I finally the muster the motivation to log onto my most recent graduate scheme application…Why do you want to pursue a career in accounting? … Rattle out some corporate dribble about the day I realised I wanted to spend my every waking hour playing around with numbers.

accountant seinfeld gif

12.50 – I flick back to Facebook.  If I spend too long thinking about the questions on my application I start to feel a quarter life crisis taking hold.

1.30Tell us about a time you did the right thing in a difficult situation?....Oh yeah, I'll just talk about that time I saw someone steal a baby out of a pram and I ran down the street to save it then return it to the panic stricken mother… oh wait that never happened.

hercules haha gif

2.00 – I’ve got a Snapchat, is it some uplifting anecdote from one of my hilarious friends? Nope a classic 'just been hired’ smiley face smiley face. Well I guess at least one of us won't be eating baked beans 'till the end of their days.

15.30 – I contemplate going to the pub across the road and getting a pint…but somehow rationalise that whilst this might have been okay back when I was a student, it most definitely isn't now.

zooey deschanel relationships gif

16.00 – I give up and head for home.  Quarter life crisis has well and truly set in.

family animated GIF

17.15- Back at home I sit down for dinner with my parents and tell them about how much progress I made towards my dream career today, missing out the section of the story where I turned off my alarm and spent half the day on Facebook...

summer heights high ellen degeneres gif

18 30 – The pub calls, thank god! Being unemployed is more tiring than you think.


This guest blog post was written by Hugo Hadcock.

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