The Best Student Hangover Cures

4 November, 2014

The Best Student Hangover Cures

4 November, 2014
Not much can beat a big night out with your buddies. What is not so great is the morning after. We've all been there… In bed dying of a massive hangover, but you have to get to that lecture.

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What do you do?  I've asked 10 uni students for their top tips on how to cure a hangover!


Santi, studying Film, TV and Media: I find that drinking some orange juice followed by some really sweet tea works for me.

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Ruth, studying Environmental Science: A carton of banana milk and some exercise, although sometimes there is nothing to do but lie in bed and wish for it to be over.

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Laura, studying Adult Nursing: You should always have a pint of water before you crawl to bed, and then orange Lucozade and toast in the morning.


Phil, studying music production: Exercise, preferably the bedroom kind!

Tilly, studying History: Nothing better than a Frappachino from Starbucks.

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Dan, studying Mathematics: If I ever make it to a 9am, it’s thanks to lots of fizzy drinks and beans on toast.

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Isabel, studying History: Lucozade sport and a really, really sweet cake, particularly Chelsea buns!

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Connie, studying Environment, Economics and Ecology: A full English breakfast is the cure.

Sine, studying Management: Coffee and greasy food, maybe followed by some bedroom antics…

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Mike, studying Mathematics: Mac and cheese, every time!

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So take a risk, try a different hangover cure? Maybe be adventurous and give them all a try, see which one works best for you… then start the process all over again tonight.

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Helen Rennardson is the Instant Impact brand ambassador for the University of York, she plays rugby and loves riding.


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