The 8 Hunger Dilemmas You Face In Your Job…

9 September, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

The 8 Hunger Dilemmas You Face In Your Job…

9 September, 2014
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1. Your stomach rumbles in the silence of the office for everyone to hear and judge.

embarrassed reaction gif

2. You start thinking about lunch but look at the clock and IT’S ONLY 9:20!

double take weatherman gif

3. Someone is munching a snack in front of you. Cue ultimate death stare.

sesame street zooming gif

4. You make an embarrassing typo in an email replacing ‘meeting’ with ‘burger’.

michael scott wow this is tough gif

5. You find yourself guiltily perving through restaurant menus.

one direction japanese gif

6. Someone has gone and got snacks! You trip over chairs and desks in your scramble to get to the food first.

casual new york new york city gif

7. It’s half an hour before lunch break and you feel you can’t possibly go on with life any longer.

brendan frasier bedazzled gif

8. When the time for food comes you wolf it down in three seconds then spend the rest of the day thinking even more about food.

thats so me i want food gif


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