Ultimate Freshers Packing List- 10 Things Students MUST Not Forget

16 September, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

Ultimate Freshers Packing List- 10 Things Students MUST Not Forget

16 September, 2014
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1. Stationary

You have to pretend to do a bit of work whilst at Uni and a hip folder and pen will at least help you look the part.

2. Baked beans

Thank the lord for these smiley tinned creations. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a post night out snack. Spice up your life and add some tabasco. If you’re in the money go for the ones with mini sausages for added protein. Best served hot or cold.

3. Cleaning products

Once you get to Uni the idea of venturing into a supermarket and looking at the sanitation aisle will vaporise from your mind. At least take some steps to avoid living in a cesspit of hell for the next year.

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4. Pain Killers

I’m sorry but you will get freshers flu. But there’s a chance you might not die if you have a handy stash of Nurofen and Paracetamol to get you through.

5. A Party Trick.

Always have one up your sleeve to impress your new pals. Ideas: fitting your fist in your mouth or balancing seven spoons on your face.

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6. A Stylish Lunchbox 

Go retro and make your own lunches to save money. You’ll be the talk of campus and you’ll have more money than everyone else to spend on jaeger bombs.

7. Generic Movie Poster

Choose a film that best represents your personality and your flat mates will think you’re mega edgy

8. A Pack of Cards and A Brain Full of Drinking Games

Memorise at least 40 and everyone will want to be your friend

9. Sports Equipment

Even if you don’t play, if you balance something by the entrance to your room then everyone on your corridor will fancy you.

10. A Camera

This is actually for your Mum. She won’t worry because she’ll see on Facebook that you’ve made some friends.

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