Infographic: How to Create a Diversity Strategy in Your Organisation

26 November, 2019

Infographic: How to Create a Diversity Strategy in Your Organisation

26 November, 2019
We have created a 7 step guide infographic to creating a diversity strategy in your organisation. This was pulled together from the first part of the new Agents for Change in the Modern Workforce Series created by Instant Impact. The first part was a breakfast meeting and debate with 22 Industry HR Directors and Executives, featuring Keynote Speaker Joan Moore, Head of Early Talent Recruitment from Accenture.

If you love it, print it, and put it up in your office or share it across your social media accounts. The more we can spread the word the better.

Only 9.7% of execs in FTSE 100 businesses are women, despite being 47% of the workforce according to the Office of National Statistics and only 6% of top managerial positions are held by BAME employees (BITC – Business in the Community). It's clear diversity is a matter to be tackled head-on. Check out our infographic: How to Create a Diversity Strategy...

Diversity Strategy Infographic

Infographic: How to Implement a Diversity Strategy

Be Prepared to Ask Awkward Questions

Diversity should be placed at the heart of your vision and strategy. Be prepared to ask awkward questions when it comes to hiring. It's not just about numbers.

Set a Clear Vision and Measurable Targets

Set a clear vision with targets that are achievable and measurable. Look at where you are and plan for growth. Create diversity objectives, for example, 30% of your MDs will be female next year. Then link your targets to diversity across the business.

Use Data and Analytics

In many companies, this is not easy, but don't give up! Use what you have, look where you started and project where you are going. Show an increase. Use data from universities to source a mix of early talent.

Map The Candidate Journey

Recognise what diversity means across the candidate journey. It has to be the fabric of your culture and reiterated at every level. From sourcing initiatives to pre joiner support and inductions. People may need extra support in different ways and this should be understood.

Balance High Tech with High Touch

Use technologies to become hyper-personalised at the right points but don't replace your recruiters with technology. It should facilitate your team to focus on what they are best at.

Take a Risk and Think Differently

Don't be afraid to take risks. Use new ways to identify talent. For example, using a blind recruitment process to recruit by psychological strengths and assessments without seeing a candidate's CV. This helps them to help meet their diversity objectives.

Drive Engagement at All Levels

While it is important to get board buy-in for organisational diversity, to drive real organisational change, it is important to engage key stakeholders across the business. Share the story with other industries and businesses to make a real difference.

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