Graduate Growth Analyst

10 February, 2016
Graduate Growth Analyst

The rate our client grows at depends a lot on their online marketing teams, which is where YOU come in. They’re looking for analytical thinkers that are naturally curious about marketing and growing a company to take on the role of Graduate Growth Analyst.


  • Implementing & managing digital marketing activity.
  • Optimising existing campaign activity, continually developing hypotheses, for testing and learning to drive better results.
  • Analysing advertising spend, ad copy, landing pages, and cost per conversion to provide recommendations to improve performance metrics.
  • Conducting competitive market research on a regular basis.
  • Real-time, daily and weekly campaign performance reporting.
  • Developing new and innovative digital marketing plans and contributing to the team’s overall growth strategy.

Training & Progression
As part of your induction you’ll be enrolled into (probably the best) online marketing boot camp in Europe to give you a proper base to work from. You’ll then be immersed into a collaborative environment surrounded by a super talented team of marketers to support your growth and fill in the gaps of your newly acquired marketing knowledge.

There is also a training budget of £1000 used to sponsor your attendance at any conference you wish, so you can travel the world and expand your knowledge!

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