Graduate Operations Analyst (Geneva)

15 July, 2015
Josh Harvey
Graduate Operations Analyst (Geneva)

The primary function of the Operations Analyst is to make sure that the product gets from Point A to Point B in both a time efficient and cost efficient manner after the trade is executed.

  • Coordinating with suppliers, customers, banks, shipbrokers, and inspection companies
  • Ensuring that the product arrives in an undamaged condition while being cost effective
  • Completing and submitting all required documentation on time
  • Updating key stakeholders in the transaction
  • Updating the company ERP system
Training & Progression

As an Operations Analyst you will gain exposure to different products and aspects of the business. This, accompanied with additional training, will facilitate a smooth transition into the trading industry. Through passing through the Operations Group you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the logistics of shipping product around the world. Consequently, almost all successful physical traders in any commodity have passed through the Operations Group.

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