Graduate Research Analyst – Customer Experience Team

11 January, 2019
Ipsos MORI
Ipsos MORI is one of the largest and best known research companies in the UK and a key part of the Ipsos Group, which is a leading global research company of 16,664 employees in 89 countries, with an unrivalled portfolio of research experience. They have 1,200 staff based here in the UK, and they work on a variety of accounts for leading blue chip companies, governments and institutions to help give them the insight and understanding they need to make major decisions.

In addition to the complex, high profile work they do for clients, they also present an important position in the media. They are recognised as experts in our fields and are regularly contacted by journalists and programme producers to provide comments across a broad range of topics. They are also regularly invited to speak at major conferences.

They are passionately curious about people, brands and society. They work with integrity and to the highest standards - people trust their insight. They create and integrate knowledge that inspires their clients to make better decisions that have impact. They are looking for people who share their passion.

Graduate Research Analyst – Customer Experience Team
The Team:
  • Have you ever had a terrible customer experience and wondered how many others have had the same experience and why the company doesn’t fix it?  Or had a great experience and told your friends about it?  These interactions can make or break a businesses reputation and these the types of things we investigate for our clients.
  • Our Global Customer Experience Analytics Unit is a tightknit and busy global team based in London dealing with structured and unstructured data, managing product innovation and delivering key analytics for our clients. Essentially we work with our clients to identify what they are doing well or badly when it comes to their customer experience. We look at how urgently they should fix their problems and help them pinpoint exactly what those fixes should be.
  • Our goals is for our clients to maintain and build relationships with their customers that are both fair to the customer and profitable for our clients businesses.  It may sound simple, but when you consider the diversity of businesses that consumers interact with, and the variety of different ways to collect customer feedback finding the best solutions to help our clients often requires ingenuity as well as robust research knowledge.
Our activities include -
  • Driver analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Social media monitoring and intelligence
  • Advising on products, methodology and philosophy
  • Customer Experience thought pieces
Your Role:
  • Your primary focus will be to provide the statistical analysis needed for customer experience research globally.
  • Ultimately you will be answering business questions such as ‘What can we do to make our customers more loyal to our brand?’.

  • You will liaise with client service teams to understand the clients aims and help them design questionnaires that can be used for statistical purposes.
  • You will deal with a variety of datasets to wrangle them into a state suitable for analysis.
  • You will deliver the results of your analysis back to the team in an engaging and insightful way.

Training & Progression
As part of Generation Ipsos, you will be encouraged to take responsibility from the outset and will be working on live client projects. Our structured training programme will provide a comprehensive foundation in research and how it is practically applied in a commercial environment. You’ll be trained in client management, project management and the fundamentals of research including methodologies, sampling, weighting and ethics. You’ll learn through real life, hands-on experience, webinars, seminars and specialist workshops. We’ll provide you with dedicated training designed to achieve the industry recognised Market Research Society (MRS) Advanced Certificate accreditation and commit to developing you throughout your career at Ipsos.
A related degree (statistics, mathematics etc)
Experience in data analysis from your education
Accountability for managing your own workload and responsibility for the delivery of your own projects, as well as having a collaborative outlook on work
Technical Skills
Experience of using a mathematical or statistical software such as SPSS, SAS or R

  • A related degree (statistics, mathematics etc)
  • A scientific approach to dealing with data based on exploration, creating hypotheses and testing them
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Sound trouble-shooting skills with the ability to think on your feet in a variety of situations
  • Exceptional time management skills


  • Good data preparation skills with the ability to provide value-added client insights, and present complex data clearly and incisively
  • Experience of using a mathematical or statistical software such as SPSS, SAS or R
  • Accountability for managing your own workload and responsibility for the delivery of your own projects

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Contact for this job
Ben Thomas
Senior Consultant
Are you interested in how Companies interact with their Customers? This is a great opportunity to join a global team carrying out the key statistical analysis that provide companies with the insight they need to ensure these interactions are positive. This role is a great entry point into the world of analysis and research.
Posted On 11 January, 2019
The Role Graduate Research Analyst – Customer Experience Team
Location London
Salary £23,500
Start Date ASAP
Sector Research
Job Type Graduate Job
Duration Permanent
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