2018/2019 Graduate Software Developer- Web & Mob Engineer

6 February, 2019
2018/2019 Graduate Software Developer- Web & Mob Engineer
The Full Stack Web & Mobile Developer will be joining a team of 30 entrepreneurial, driven and highly intelligent individuals in their Central London office. On a day to day basis, you’ll be working in small Scrum teams to build bespoke web and mobile solutions. You’ll be interacting daily with clients ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations to help solve their business problems using the power of technology to fight waste and increase efficiency!

  • Work exclusively in open source technologies including Full Stack Javascript (React, React Native, Node JS, Angular JS), Django, Symfony, Postgres, MongoDB and more
  • Work face to face with the clients to solve problems daily and develop web and mobile solutions with real value to the end users
  • Collaborate effectively in a 3 to 5 person self-organised team, helped by an Agile Coach and technical coach

Training & Progression
You'll be working with a senior software developer and have your own personal coach with the idea to become an architect within one to two years.

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