Graduate Trainee – Quantity Surveyor

20 April, 2015
Graduate Trainee – Quantity Surveyor

Currie & Brown are looking for multiple quantity surveyors to join their team. They will provide training through their industry-leading structured RICS APC programme, and might even provide sponsorship for a post-graduate qualification. With your commitment and their support, you will become a chartered surveyor in two years. To achieve this professional qualification will require hard work on your part, including studying in your own time, and is not for the faint-hearted.

You will also have the opportunity to get fully involved in projects from the beginning of your training. The role is varied – no two projects are the same and have different demands at each stage. You will be managing relationships – with clients, contractors and colleagues – and will be based in an office but going out and about to client sites.

The APC Programme:

Attaining RICS accreditation is a standard requirement for Currie & Brown’s professional employees of the future. As such, the company has established a rigorous programme with the intention of producing high calibre practitioners. It is designed so that there is ongoing studying and document preparation, and regular assessment to ensure that progress is being made and identify where further study or support is required. The programme includes:

  • 2/3 hours APC work a day outside of business hours
  • Mentorship from an experienced colleague
  • Training sessions with an external APC coach
  • Quarterly assessments
  • Mock interviews with a panel of colleagues, including senior members of staff
  • Ongoing support from the APC panel, led by the Group CEO, the office manager and experienced colleagues.

  • Full involvement in a variety of projects of differing demands
  • Managing relationships
  • Out of office meetings with clients and contractors

Training & Progression
Attained RICS accreditation leading to a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor. This will enable further career progression within the company’s infrastructure.

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