Operations and Tech Specialist

30 November, 2018
Operations and Tech Specialist
As an Operations and Tech Specialist in the Fintech sector you will be responsible for supporting all aspects of day-to-day Operations for one of their latest Fintech start-ups, focusing on the Wealth Management space. It’s an unusually broad role. You will love learning and love fixing things. This is an opportunity to join a business at the start, help them shape their company and be a key part of it.

  • Owning operational processes
  •  Onboarding new clients
  • Numerical tasks such as modelling
  • Constantly looking to innovate and improve processes
  • Tailoring solutions to client’s specific needs
  •  Learning key regulatory requirements

Training & Progression
You will be constantly working with and learning from senior members of staff and you will have the

opportunity and backing to take the role where you want to in the long term, this could be providing the technical training to go into Product Management, supporting the qualifications to move into Financial Advisory or a host of other opportunities, it’s up to you.

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