Operations Manager

5 October, 2016
Operations Manager

Our client is looking for a Manager to help them to successfully drive both their stores. In this new position you will be responsible for delivering a fun and energetic customer experience, creating efficient and safe operations, driving sales and managing staff. The role will seek to track and deliver on all three of the business – in-store service, deliveries and event catering

  • Ensure a consistent and overwhelmingly welcoming in-store customer experience
  • Ensure team provides outstanding customer service at all times and manage customer complaints
  • Create tools and strategies to support the team (daily closing cash up/ card payments)
  • Develop and manage our technology solutions
  • Ensure Health & Safety standards are adhered to
  • Develop and execute sales strategies and marketing campaigns
  • Hire staff and effectively manage ongoing HR activities
  • Create a supply chain strategy and process for ordering customer consumables (such as packaging)
Training & Progression
This is a great opportunity to hit the ground running in a fast-paced growing company. You will be provided with the support and training required to excel in the role, and develop professionally. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is passionate about start-ups, operations and healthy food!
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