Partner Development Representative

4 June, 2019
Partner Development Representative
Our clients relationships with schools is fundamental to their success and is the lifeblood of the organisation. With around 70% of their students coming to them by virtue of a recommendation from their school. A Partner Development Representative is the school’s first point of contact, so successful candidates must exude my client’s values and be able to create a strong relationship of trust.

  • On a day to day basis you will be contacting schools and colleges and will be expected to build excellent relationships with them, and thereby have them send more students to their programmes.
  • Contact schools and colleges
  • You will book and attend meetings/presentations in order to promote the programmes
  • Be the first point of contact for your teachers’ every need
  • Develop strong relationships into official Partner Schools
  • After proving yourself, you will be tasked with also developing relationships with corporates to obtain sponsorship for their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Growth in this role is significant so overtime you will look to extend you remit to international stakeholders

Training & Progression
The potential for growth in this role is significant, after demonstrating success you will be given increased responsibility with an increase in salary to reflect. Joining this dynamic enterprise will give you immediate, senior responsibility and a range of experience that you simply would not get for many years in corporate life.

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