Webinar: Remote Recruitment in Lockdown

Join Instant Impact Founders on the 12th May at 11am to discuss how best to interview and onboard during lockdown

Diversity Strategy for Professional Services

From Agents for Change workshop with 23 HR Execs including Joan Moore, Head of Early Careers at Accenture

HR’s Response to Corona Virus in the UK

Explore the response from HR Execs from around the UK in a 3-week survey covering the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Featuring speakers Adele Lomax, HR Director, BCG & James Routledge, Founder & CEO, Sanctus

Instant Impact Case Study: Ipsos MORI

Watch the interview with Louise Maycock, Head of Talent at Ipsos MORI on working with Instant Impact

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Instant Impact Job Seeker Resource Centre

Looking for your dream job or want to upskill? Find career tips and advice at our Job Seeker Resource Centre

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Remote Management & Onboarding

Discover how businesses have changed the way that they manage and motivate their staff in a remote environment.

eBooks Articles
Instant Impact Case Study: WorldRemit

See how WorldRemit doubled their monthly tech hires and found the best talent in the industry

Case studies
Remote Working: Mental Health & Anxiety

In this report we provide insight into the support that you can provide your employees for Mental Health & Anxiety

eBooks Articles
Infographic: How to Create a Diversity Strategy in Your Organisation

Discover the 7 part Diversity Strategy framework to improve diversity in your workplace, from 20+ HR execs

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5 Simple Solutions to Improve Diversity

5 Simple Ways to Improve Diversity from the Agents for Change in the Modern Workforce series, 22 HR Directors and execs share best practice advice.

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5 Barriers To Diversity in Your Organisation (and how to overcome them)

22 industry HR Directors, including keynote speaker, Joan Moore, Head of Early Talent Recruitment at Accenture, discuss the barriers to diversity.

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Testimonial interview with Caroline from TopLine!

One of our fabulous candidates, Caroline, who we placed at TopLine in November last year offered to take part in an interview to provide us with feedb…

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Think BIG act small: how large companies can create an innovation culture…

Instant Impact had the pleasure of running this event alongside Octopus Wealth. The event took an informal approach, with 2 keynote speakers and much…

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Unconscious Bias

Globally, fewer women than men are hired into entry level positions and at every step of the career journey, the representation of women continues to…

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Career advise for graduates – find out more about the marketing and Proposition Director role from an exclusive interview with Steve James from GiffGa…

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Communication Is Key: How To Connect With Your Employees

A good boss is not just great at managing tasks and projects, but also a master of clear communication. Poor communication between managers and their…

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The Truth: Average Graduate Starting Salaries

Instant Impact round up the research on average graduate starting salaries. What does it mean for grads and SMEs?

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How To Interview A Graduate For A Sales Role

The checklist for finding your perfect graduates to fill your sales roles…

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The Cost Of Recruiting The Wrong Candidate & How To Avoid It

Growing your team is a great thing. It signifies your business is moving forward and is often a very exciting time. But what happens when you recruit…

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