Careers Advice: 7 Things That Are Not OK To Do On A Skype Interview

22 May, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

Careers Advice: 7 Things That Are Not OK To Do On A Skype Interview

22 May, 2014
With the rise of technology and the busy lives that students and graduates lead, first round interviews are now frequently conducted online. At Instant Impact, the graduate recruitment company, we believe it’s so important to understand how to make a fantastic impression to your potential new employer online and speaking to a laptop can be more daunting than you first expected.


They may seem obvious tips but believe us when we say these mistakes have all been made before.


1)    Show your ridiculously messy room or leave inappropriate items in the back ground- It’s a pretty big blunder if your empty vodka bottles, dirty pants or glamour posters are in the direct line of the camera.

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2)    Have someone else in the room with you- This includes pets and your excitable Mum. Make sure your door is shut and your parents, siblings or housemates have been informed. Temporarily taping a sign to your door can avoid any surprise entrances.

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3)    Forget that you’re on camera- They’re watching you. Don’t do anything embarrassing now.

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4)    Dress inappropriately for an interview- Would you wear a hoodie or dressing gown to the city? Of course not, and an extra word of warning: don’t stand up if you've only dressed your top half.

5)    Forget to interact with the interviewer- Try to be as natural as possible, engage and react. Imagine you are talking to them face to face.

6)    Pretend to understand if you don’t- If you didn't hear the question or need them to repeat it, apologise and ask to hear it again.

7)    Panic if the connection breaks off- if this happens, don't freak out! It happens. Try recalling and if you can’t connect, pick up the phone or send an email.


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