Contingent Workforce Solutions

As global shifts in the economy become the norm, and the contingent workforce takes an increasing role, we face a new talent challenge. Managing this sort of team can be time consuming and stressful.

Contingent Workforce Solutions

Why partner with us?

When it comes to dialling up or dialling down your non-permanent resources, we can manage the whole process as a managed service provider (MSP) - or work with your existing systems. From attraction, rate negotiations and pre-employment screening, to off-boarding, we’ll shoulder the burden - so you don’t need to worry about compliance, statements of work or invisible costs.

Why partner with us?

We’re cost-conscious and are flexible as your needs grow

because we work specifically with small and medium-sized businesses. By direct sourcing and reducing third-party usage, we control costs. You’ll know exactly who is in your business and what you are paying for them.

saved in
agency fees

Using our technology gives you complete visibility

on what you are spending and who with. Getting a full picture of all the different suppliers providing your temporary workforce can be tricky. That’s where our unified technology and people solution for small and mid-sized businesses can help.

Using our technology gives 
you complete visibility

Because we believe that with data comes power.

Giving you access to great talent is at the heart of what we do. We use the latest data and market intelligence, so our talent sourcing experts can bring you the best talent when and where you need it.

Because we believe that with 
data comes power

It also makes you forward thinking.

We use AI and automation to source exactly the right talent – and quickly. Our hiring managers then proactively nurture candidates, combining our understanding of your business strategy with talent communities who are ready and waiting to meet your hiring needs.

It also makes you forward thinking

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Whatever your hiring challenges, we can find you the perfect talent.

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