Student Blogger Emma Hannigan: 8 Reasons Why Gallivanting Around The World Will Help You Land The Perfect Job

20 May, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

Student Blogger Emma Hannigan: 8 Reasons Why Gallivanting Around The World Will Help You Land The Perfect Job

20 May, 2014
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There's the never ending, continuous stress and panic after graduation to get a foot in the door and onto the career ladder. But there's actually no harm in taking some well earned time off after your degree as long as you're doing something worthwhile- Internships and job opportunities will still be there when you get back!

This week recruitment agency Instant Impact welcome Emma Hannigan to explain why travelling provides core skills and experiences that are transferable to the job hunt.


So you’ve stepped off that plane, camera full of memories, backpack full of dirty washing and a sinking feeling that says ‘Welcome back to the Real World, sonny’. Returning from travelling is scary, be it a gap year, a quick-fire decision or you did a fantastic ‘I Quit’ speech and waltzed out of your old job and into South East Asia. Returning home means returning to the dreaded job hunt and you feel like you have nothing ‘work-like’ to show for the last few months. Well fear not, as travelling the world has given you way more skills than just downing Goon and not crying on the bungee jump, here’s a few ways it can definitely give you a boost in the job stakes:

 1) Cliché Alert: You’re more confident:

I know everyone says this, but it’s true. You return with a cavalier attitude along the lines of "I’ve been lost in the Cambodian jungle, I can do ANYTHING". And you can, including applying for those jobs you always thought you were a tad under qualified for. You suddenly have the confidence to go after the jobs you really want – which is always the first step to getting said jobs.

 2) You’re great at problem-solving and thinking on your feet:

Talking about actual problems here, not just deciding which pizza to order. Travelling forces you to make important decisions; where will you sleep, how will you get to the next country etc.  This gives you a huge leg up on the job front; if you can survive in a foreign country then you can definitely solve out the problem with the printer at work.

 3) You meet like-minded individuals – with contacts:

So you’ve met amazing, well-travelled people that have instantly become your best friends? Brilliant. Even better, the more people you know, the more doors are opened for you.  Maybe their brother’s girlfriend’s aunt works in the industry you’re looking to get into; use that contact to your advantage, people will be happy to help.

4) You’ll be great at budgeting whilst waiting to land that dream job:

This one is self-explanatory. You’re used to 5 dollar wine and Pad Thai for 30p. Budgeting is easy peasy for you.

5) You’ll talk to literally ANYONE:

If you’ve ever had to walk into a different 12 bed hostel room alone every few days then you’ll know what I mean by this. Going travelling forces you to talk to people and pretty soon it becomes second nature. Those networking events don’t seem so scary now, do they?

6) It gives you a new perspective:

When job hunting it’s easy to get into a rut and convince yourself you’ll never find anything, there’s only so many cover letters you can write after all. Travelling hits you smack in the face with a fresh new perspective, seeing different cultures and countries means you lose some of that selfishness, which in turn makes you less stressed when applying for jobs.

7) You’ve become adaptable and relaxed:

Okay, you haven’t got too relaxed about finding a job, but you’ve definitely lost some of that desperation. In regards to adaptability, you’re used to having to change your plans so find yourself other paths into your dream career that you wouldn’t have previously considered.

 8) You have a strong desire to understand others:

Travelling opens up your mind to different people’s opinions and cultures and provides you with a thirst for more knowledge about other countries. This open mind is great for the job hunt as understanding and communicating well with others is what working in a team is all about.

There you have it; it’s not all doom and gloom once you hit the not so sunny shores of England again. Go forth and conquer that job hunt (but maybe quit your Goon drinking habit…)


 Emma Hannigan is a Content Editor and Writer based in London. A social media addict and Ryan Gosling enthusiast, she can mostly be found on Twitter quoting Mean Girls and discussing her daily moments of humiliation @emmahannigan

Her writing portfolio can be found at:

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