Start-Up Sector Spotlight: Food Tech

14 February, 2016

Start-Up Sector Spotlight: Food Tech

14 February, 2016
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We’ve already harped on a fair bit about the effect the technology boom has had on business. This impact is particularly evident in the food industry. Global investment in food tech companies reached $5.74 billion across 275 venture capital deals in 2015 - and this trend is set to continue in 2016.

Let’s take a closer look at three top food start-ups that are set to take the industry by storm this year…


Deliveroo was founded by William Shu, an investment banker, and Greg Orlowski, a developer, and raised £127m development cash in three funding rounds over the course of last year.

Deliveroo seeks to provide a unique service in the busy home delivery market with competitors like Hungryhouse, Just Eat and DineIn all doing battle to bring your dinner to your door. Deliveroo uses its own staff to transport food from restaurants that otherwise wouldn’t offer to deliver. With the liks of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Meat Liquor, The Real Greek and Pho on their books, we have become Deliveroo addicts here at Instant Impact. It’s pretty much impossible to leave the house without coming across one of their motorbikes or cyclists these days, so it’s easy to see why Deliveroo is set to become the UK’s next Unicorn. If by ‘Unicorn’ you think we’re referring to a horned, mythical creature then you should probably check out our Start-up glossary.

If you're keen to join Deliveroo, head over to their profile on our jobs board & see what current vacancies we have with them!


EatFirst is the product of the very successful Germany-based technology incubator Rocket Internet.

As mentioned above, the UK has a large food delivery industry, with the heavyweight JustEat floating with a £360 million IPO. EatFirst is tackling it all from a slightly different angle.

Available only in the centralized pocket of the City of London for now, EatFirst is a ‘mum’s meals in a flash’ service, focusing on ‘honest’ food.

For £7, EatFirst serves up freshly prepared meals with “lightning-fast delivery” – we’re talking within 15 minutes of the order being placed. You can pay for your food directly through the app (Web and iOS) using your bank card.

Instant Impact have already placed some excellent graduates at EatFirst, so if you'd like to be the next one, sign up today!


Winnow, the start-up founded in by ex-Mckinsey consultants, has a mission to eradicate food waste from the hospitality industry. The world currently throws away an estimated $1 trillion worth of food each year, so it’s definitely an issue that needs addressing FAST.

Winnow has created a system that weighs food waste bins, recording what items are binned and why, to help restaurants and hotels to order and prepare produce more effectively, and stop using foods that are repeatedly left uneaten by consumers.

One of our favourite TV chefs, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, is already a fan and has said that introducing Winnow’s smart meter to hotels and restaurants is a ‘no-brainer’. With some seriously impressive technology and such a worthy cause, it’s safe to say we are well and truly behind Winnow.


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