The Solution To Your House-Sharing Woes

2 October, 2015

The Solution To Your House-Sharing Woes

2 October, 2015
If you’re still a student, chances are you have just moved into your brand new University house with your brand new flatmates. Cue pizza, parties and all-night revision sessions.

Whether you’re in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year, the novelty of living in your own house with your best friends (and no parents) never really wears off. However, there’s no denying that a few weeks in, when the dishes start to pile up and the bathroom is never clean, some cracks do start to show. If our experience is anything to go by, one of the main things that causes arguments in uni houses is money.

Who paid for the last batch of bin bags? Whose card did you use to buy drinks for your house party? How much does everyone owe you for their bills? Nightmare.

Well, we at Instant Impact may have found the solution to all your problems. Enter, Splittable.

Splittable is an app which makes it easy to split bills and track expenses with your housemates. You can use it to share out literally every possible expense you could have as a household, from recurring rent and utility bills to pizzas, drinks and washing up liquid.

The best bit about it (apart from being entirely free!) is that it constantly keeps track of exactly who owes what with the ‘All Squared Meter’.  It simply adds up what everyone’s spent so far, so you can quickly see whose turn it is to do the shopping!

Frankly, we wish this app had been available when we were at uni. It would have saved a whole load of awkward conversations about money, and allowed us not to leave final year massively out of pocket. Thanks for that, friends…

So, if you're ready to wave goodbye to IOUs, awkward conversations about money and household dramas, then head over to Splittable and start splitting!



Another way to get in the good books with your housemates is to find them their perfect grad job or internship, refer them for a job and not only will they be forever grateful but if they get it, you'll get yourself £100 (that definitely doesn't have to be shared on Splittable).

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