7 Tiny Things That Can Cost You A Graduate Job

12 February, 2015
Hannah Neocleous

7 Tiny Things That Can Cost You A Graduate Job

12 February, 2015
We know a thing or two about job applications and believe us when we say we've seen it all! Getting on the career ladder is real tough and at times employers can be nastily pernickety when hiring graduates. Maybe we’re being a little unforgiving in the following points… but it’s worth a read and something to bear in mind. We want you to SMASH that interview.

 1. Email address

Super embarrassing if it's anything like fitgal4eva@hotmail.com. Ensure in all aspects of your CV you look like the slick professional you are.

 2. Tatty nail polish

This actually happened to me in an interview. The only feedback I received after rejection was about my chipped nail varnish. Disheartening? Yep!

 3. Skype picture

A snap of you in a crazy fancy dress outfit from freshers might not strike the tone you were hoping for. Many people forget and though it may not seem like a big deal, is that really something you want your future boss to see?

4. Wrong shoes

If you’re interviewing in a suit, you might catch the employer looking down to check if your shoes match with your appearance. Avoid being lazy and get some super smart ones. This particularly applies if you’re heading into the finance sector.

 5. Turning up too early

It can be agitating for an employer to know that 30 minutes before interview you’re already sitting downstairs nervously twiddling your thumbs and fingers. 10 minute rule dude! Play the game and don't look too keen. If you arrive early, go grab a coffee.

6. Picture on the CV

Unless requested, leave it out, it can make a CV look less professional. Also, it’s nice to let your face remain a mystery to the employer as sometimes they do judge a book by its cover! Don’t allow for any scope to get rejected early on.

 7. Bad introduction

You may feel confident that you've grasped the tone and culture of the business ready for your big moment. But even if it’s the most relaxed of tech Startups always go for the handshake and professional introduction. With: ‘Hey man’ or ‘What’s up?’ You’ll never make the cut.

Good luck!


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