Graduates! How To Use Twitter To Find A Job

15 July, 2014
Hannah Neocleous

Graduates! How To Use Twitter To Find A Job

15 July, 2014
So you’ve exhausted every means of job seeking you can. Jobs boards, university careers services, recruitment agencies and applications are coming out of your tired graduate ears.

Have you ever thought about using Twitter?

Amazingly enough the mysterious world of Twitter can open a host of opportunities in the job hunt…


Say you’re looking for graduate opportunities in consulting. Just search #graduate #consulting #UK. Employers are incredibly tech savvy these days and will tweet any vacancies ensuring that they are highly searchable. You can find out which graduate schemes are just opening, and which companies are hiring. Sometimes even hints to make your application stand out.

Put Yourself Out There

Equally you can try tweeting using hashtags to find employment. Advertise yourself. Recruiters may be out looking on Twitter and you don’t want to miss out.

Twitter Alerts

You can set up alerts to directly notify you whenever a relevant tweet flags up that might be of interest to you. Even if you don’t own a smartphone you can set up alerts via SMS. You can use it to pin jobs in specific sectors and it’s an extremely efficient way of staying organised.

Direct Contact

If you come across a company that you think you’d love to work for why not send them a quick tweet asking about their graduate opportunities? Even if they don’t have any current vacancies, they might be able to give you advice and tips on how to break into their industry.

Warning: Do make sure you still remain professional on Twitter when connecting with employers. Correct language and tone are still essential, even on social media!


Got an interview coming up? Twitter can be a fantastic source of research. You might be able to gain insight into their company culture or discover interesting facts or accomplishments to mention. Employers love you being enthusiastic and going that extra mile.

So there you have it. Give it a go! You might just get a job out of it.

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